Wood Flooring in Draper, Utah

For Draper wood flooring services, call on the experts at T.C. Hardwood Flooring.

Our services include installation, repair and refinishing of custom wood floors for residential and commercial clients. We also install laminate, engineered wood, bamboo and cork flooring.

We approach every project with a commitment to quality and an outstanding customer experience. Our highly personalized approach ensures you get exactly the result you imagined at a price that we think you’ll love.

wood floor installation Draper, Utah

Custom Wood Floors

Custom wood flooring is the foundation of our business and we approach every project from that perspective. This helps ensure that the results will be everything you hoped. Every board and plank are measured and cut to size onsite. Not only does this ensure a perfect installation but it also helps us reduce waste, which lets us keep our costs as low as possible.

More than just customizing your installation, however, we have the ability to procure raw wood planks in virtually any species you select. We measure, cut, install and sand the planks onsite, and then finish them in place, any way you prefer. We even have the ability to custom blend a stain color for you.

To help you make the right color and finish choice, we can test several colors for you in the space. This allows you to see exactly how your finished flooring will look.

Wood Floor Refinishing

One of the best features of hardwood flooring is that you can revitalize it to a like-new appearance quickly and easily, with wood floor refinishing services from T.C. Hardwood.

We utilize state-of-the-art refinishing equipment and cutting-edge techniques to refinish your flooring. Our advanced dust containment systems allow us to minimize the disruption of the work and keep the indoor air virtually particulate-free.

Our experienced technicians can revitalize and restore both hardwood and engineered flooring. We can also provide wood floor repair services, as a part of your refinishing project. You can choose any finish you prefer for your project – you don’t have to stick with the stain color you had previously.

Draper’s Custom Wood Floor & Refinishing Expert

Our team takes a highly personalized approach to every project, no matter what size it may be. We are known for our obsession with quality and customer satisfaction, as our customer reviews and testimonials prove.

We are locally owned and operated and fully licensed and insured, for your peace of mind. Our company’s owners will be involved with your project as well, to ensure the high level of quality that we’re known for in Draper and throughout northern Utah.

If you would like a customized cost estimate for your project, contact the T.C. Hardwood Flooring team today. We look forward to helping you with your Draper, Utah, custom wood flooring and wood floor refinishing needs.