Wood Floor Refinishing

We love wood floor refinishing projects. The natural character and patina that wood floors take on over time are beautiful, but nothing compares to the way a newly refinished hardwood surface looks.

At T.C. Hardwood Flooring Inc., we specialize in refinishing and restoring existing floors. Whether you have a solid hardwood floor or an engineered wood product, we can restore it to a pristine, like-new condition.

Wood Floor Refinishing Is Easy and Cost-Effective

wood floor refinishingThe investment required for new flooring — especially a new wood floor installation — is significant compared to refinishing. And, as you will enjoy essentially the same result, it makes sense to give your floors a new lease on life.

Many of our customers express hesitation about refinishing their wood floors, because they perceive the process to be messy and laborious. For this reason, we offer our exclusive Kunzle Tasin DustPro 300 containment system as an optional service. Using HEPA filtration technology, we can minimize the dust to ensure a cleaner, safer environment.

You can also choose a low-VOC floor finish. We offer a variety of water-based urethane products. Or, if you prefer the rich, amber character of an oil-based finish, that option produces a lower level of fumes than acid-cure urethane.

Hardwood Floor Repair by Riverton’s Experts

Our experienced refinishing team can provide expert — and undetectable — wood floor repair as a part of the sanding and refinishing process.

Although almost any scratch or gouge can be sanded out of hardwood, cracks and significant water damage may not be repairable. If you have engineered wood, deep scratches may have penetrated the hardwood layer.

In many cases, we can minimize unrepairable damage as a part of the refinishing process. However, if yours cannot be remedied in that manner, we can replace segments of the wood in most cases. Our stain and coloring experts can match the tone and character of the rest of the floor, so that the repair won’t be obvious or even noticeable.

Change Your Look by Refinishing Floors in Your Utah Home

Are your floors dated looking, or have you updated your décor in the past few years? Or maybe you are simply tired of the same color you’ve always had.

When we undertake your project, you can choose any type of finish currently available on the market. Or we can create a custom stain blend to your specification. Different types of wood floor stain can change the character of the wood grain, creating a look that differs significantly from your previous finish.

If you would like to expand your hardwood floors, this is the ideal time to do so. As a part of the refinishing process, we can add to your flooring and ensure that it matches the original wood.

T. C. Hardwood Flooring Inc.is based in Riverton, Utah, and we serve clients throughout Northern Utah. Contact us today to learn more about how easy and affordable wood floor refinishing can be.