About Us

T.C. Hardwood Flooring, Inc. is a locally owned and operated family business. Our owners are on every job to ensure quality and to achieve the look that our customers want.

We specialize in the installation of pre-finished wood flooring, along with the installation, sanding and finishing of natural wood using a HEPA dust containment system and the highest quality finishes available. We can also lace into existing wood floors so you can add to what you already have or repair an area that is damaged. If you want to change the stain color of your existing wood floors, we will show you stain options on your own floor so that you know exactly what to expect!

There is actually no true “dust free” sanding, however, there are excellent containment systems available to us today. We offer the Kunzle Tasin DustPro 300 containment system for our drum sanding and edging. We use smaller vacuum systems for our orbital sander and polisher. Our Kunzle Tasin DustPro 300 containment system is an additional charge, but we try to keep the added cost to our customers as low as possible. We recommend taking advantage of the dust containment system on most projects.

We can use any product available on the market today to finish your floor. We typically use Duraseal stains and either Duraseal or Bona polyurethane finishes. They amber well to accent the stain color of the floor and bring out the beauty of the wood. They also do not dry as quickly as water base and acid cure urethane finishes, that property allows us to keep a wet line during application, avoiding lap lines in larger spaces. The fumes are low compared to acid.

We use Bona and Pall-X water borne finishes, which contain low VOC qualities. Water borne finishes tend to amber less than oil base products and are recommended on a “natural” color floor when an ambering effect is not desired. Water borne finishes dry in a fraction of the time as oil base finishes, so they are often recommended when dry time is an issue. Each type of finish, whether it be acid cure, water base or polyurethane, have their own specific uses and applications, so one may be preferable over the other in certain situations. Please consult with us on your specific project.

We guarantee our work for one year. We want to get it right the first time, but if there is a problem, we will be right back to fix it. We show you the stain color on your floor, you choose what you like and we note it on the contract for you to initial. We have never been called back for any problem with the finish or stain selection, because you see the stain on your floor, in your lighting situation. It is hard to choose and live with a color you selected on a small two inch swatch, so we provide 2-3 ft. samples directly on your floor, then we sand them back out. We can custom mix any color for you.

We have several past customers that have agreed to have our prospective customers call them for a personal reference. We have also done several jobs on floors that are open to the public, i.e., Hotel Park City Lobby (sand and finish, seasonally maintain), LDS Office Building Ballroom Floor (located on the 26th floor in SLC, observation deck level, open to the public for tours – we did the sub floor, installation of wood in patterns, sand, stain, and finish), Snow College library floor installation, Waldorf Astoria located in the Canyons in Park City, UT. (We did the Brazilian cherry floor in the dining area that is stained ebony – install, sand, stain and finish).

We also install laminate flooring, cork flooring and bamboo flooring! No job is too big or too small!

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