Timeless Hardwood Flooring in Utah

T.C. Hardwood Flooring, Inc. is a locally owned and operated family business. Our owners are on-site on every job to ensure the quality look that our customers want. As a hardwood flooring contractor in Riverton, we specialize in the installation of pre-finished wood flooring, along with the installation, sand and finish of natural wood using a HEPA dust containment system and the highest quality finishes available.

We can lace into existing hardwood floors so you can add to what you already have or repair an area that is damaged.

If you want to change the stain color of your existing wood floors, we will show you stain options on your own floor so that you know exactly what to expect!

There is actually no true “dust free” sanding, however, we have excellent containment systems available to us today.

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We offer the Kunzle Tasin DustPro 300 containment system for our drum sanding and edging. We use smaller vacuum systems for our orbital sander and polisher.

Our Kunzle Tasin DustPro 300 containment system is an additional charge, but we try to keep the added cost to our customers as low as possible. We to use the containment system on most projects.

Hardwood Flooring Services